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Storyboard Suite 2.1

Postby jason » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:15 am

We have now posted Storyboard Suite 2.1 in the download area. Here the release note :

Crank Storyboard Suite v2.1

Storyboard Designer

This release of Storyboard brings support for Multitouch on Android applications and the inclusion of table offset variables to provide smoother scrolling of table elements. We have also added a number of new Runtime platforms.

Major Changes

Android Multitouch Support

Storyboard now has the ability to register multitouch events on the Android platform. Please see the "Creating a Multi-Touch Application" example in the Documentation for a quick walk-through of how to incorporate this feature into your Storyboard applications.

Table Offset Variables

Storyboard tables have been improved with the addition of x,y offset variables to enable smoother, pixel resolution scrolling.

Minor Changes

Image View Grouping

Improvements to the Image View now allow for grouping of images by the on-disk folder structure.

Image View Filtering

A filter has been added to the default Image View which excludes non-renderable elements. If you have any non-image files in your image folder they will no longer be displayed as images in the image view. This is filter is now active by default, but can be disabled if desired.

Known Issues

Runtime Updates

Runtime Updates for OSX have been removed due to a bug which can render the Storyboard Installation corrupt following a failed upgrade. OSX users will now be prompted during an update to manually download the Runtime installer from Crank Software when they become available.

Storyboard Embedded Engine

Storyboard Engine continues to move forward with the goal of providing our customers with a broad list of supported targets.

Major Changes

New Runtime Platforms
------- --------------

Storyboard Embedded Engine now supports the following platforms

- QNX Screen
- i.MX6
- i.MX6 Saberlite
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