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Storyboard Suite 3.1.1

Postby jamiev » Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:57 am

Hello Everyone,

We just released Storyboard Suite 3.1.1 to address a couple of important issues. Please see below ...

Crank Storyboard Suite v3.1.1

Storyboard Designer

The release of Storyboard Suite 3.1.1 is simply a refresh to Storyboard Designer to address the issues stated below.

OSX Java 7

A deadlock would occur on OSX systems that had the latest version of Java 7 from Oracle.


Compare failed when comparing changes between special case applications.

GDE File Export

The argument stream was not being parsed properly if it included commas or the equal sign.


User defined render extension/action loading and exporting where not working properly.

Getting Started

If this is your first time developing using Storyboard Designer there is a section in the documentation called Creating a Storyboard Designer Project to help you get started. Click on the Crank Documentation link on your desktop to locate the CrankStoryboardSuite.pdf. You can also view this document in Storyboard Designer under Help > Help Contents > Crank Storyboard Suite > Storyboard Designer > Creating a Storyboard Designer Project.

Samples Applications

There are many sample applications included in the Storyboard Suite installation to help you get up and developing quickly. They can be located in <installation directory>\Crank Software\Samples

Contact Information

For further information on Crank Storyboard Designer or any other Crank Software products please visit or email


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Thank you for using Crank Storyboard Designer!
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