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Storyboard Suite 3.2

Postby jamiev » Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:40 am

Hello Everyone,

Crank Software is pleased to announce the release of Storyboard Suite 3.2. To download SB 3.2 please visit

Crank Storyboard Suite v3.2

Storyboard Designer

The release of Storyboard Suite 3.2 includes a significant collection of underlining stability and performance enhancements. Below are a number of additional major changes that have been made to Storyboard Designer and Storyboard Embedded Engine.

Scrolling list table enhancements

In the past there was a large amount of code that a user had to implement in order to add scrolling to tables. Now a lot of that code has been incorporated into Storyboard making it easier for the customer to add scrolling capabilities to tables.

3D Control Editing Improvements

No need to input the positioning values into the properties view for the 3D control any longer. 3D element positioning can now be done using the mouse and key combinations.

Off-Screen Content Editing Support

Before the user was limited to viewing controls and layers within the bounds of the screen only. This was problematic in situations when controls started off screen for animations for example. Now they are viewable off screen within the Screen Editor.

PSD Text Import to Font Variable

Variables are now created for text controls by default and assigned the appropriate font.

Inline Editing Improvements: Polygons

Drawing Polygons has become much easier. A user can now use their mouse to plot points within the Polygon control to create their shape. Once points have been plotted, they can also drag those points to reposition.

Edge Relative Resizing of Controls

Edge relative resizing has been added to Storyboard Designer to help users have a finer control over sizing their controls.

Known Issues

3D Control/Layer Rotation Does Not Respect Alpha

SWT does not handle alpha correctly causing a white background instead of a transparent one when a control or layer is rotated within Designer. Control or layer is displayed correctly in the runtime.


For 3D features to work correctly in Storyboard Designer, users must have OS X 1.6.8 (or greater) along with Java Update 16 installed.

OS X v10.9 Mavericks

Due to the new security features in Mavericks, the warning "Crank Storyboard Suite Installer can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" will be presented during installation. Simply click OK to continue.

Storyboard Embedded Engine Major Changes

Create a Timer From Lua

Instead of only having the ability to create Timers through Storyboard Designer, users can now dynamically create them from Lua.

Create Animations From Lua

Users now have the options of creating animations from the animation timeline from within Storyboard Designer or programmatically from Lua.

Lua API for Table Resize

Users are now able to directly set table attributes though Lua.

Background Image Loading

Background image loading can now be used to avoid load time delays that may be incurred as resources are lazy loaded into the application.

Known Issues


Storyboard Engine does not currently support iOS7.


IMX6 requires the FB_MULTI_BUFFER=2 environment variable to be set to prevent front-buffered drawing which causes animations to shear.

Android 4.3

This seems to be a bug with the Android 4.3 code. After the Storyboard application goes to "sleep" and then "wakes up" the new window created has it's width and height switched.

Getting Started

If this is your first time developing using Storyboard Designer there is a section in the documentation called Creating a Storyboard Designer Project to help you get started. Click on the Crank Documentation link on your desktop to locate the CrankStoryboardSuite.pdf. You can also view this document in Storyboard Designer under Help > Help Contents > Crank Storyboard Suite > Storyboard Designer > Creating a Storyboard Designer Project.

Samples Applications

There are many sample applications included in the Storyboard Suite installation to help you get up and developing quickly. They can be located in <installation directory>\Crank Software\Samples

Contact Information

For further information on Crank Storyboard Designer or any other Crank Software products please visit or email


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