Strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO

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Strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO

Postby Ealo » Mon May 22, 2017 4:48 pm

Dear All,
I write this topic on the forum because I have a strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO.
My system has three softwares:

1) The GUI created using Crank Software StoryBoard

2) The Cluster_Update C program that communicates with the GUI using the SBIO system

3) The C program on the processor of the elctronic board that communicates using the RS232 with the Cluster_Update C program

At the beginning I used StoryBoard 4.0, the GUI was created using StoryBoard 4.0 and the Cluster_Update program was compiled using the
4.0 Libraries. Then I decided to switch to StoryBoard 5.0, but the application started to crash.
The StoryBoard application and the Cluster_Update program are equal, they run if I use the 4.0 libraries, but they crash if I use 5.0 libraries.
I have to use the 5.0 libraries, because the new libraries allow to obtain a better rendering of arc and circle and they also have some improvements.
When the application crashes, it stops to work and the process disapears from the linux terminal.
If I use the "ps" command before the crash I could see the sbengine process, after the crash the sbengine process disapears.
I supposed that the problem could be connected to the Cluster_Update, but I have also compiled it with the 5.0 libraries.
Then when the crash happens, the Cluster_Update process continue to be present in the linux terminal and it is possible to see this process with the "ps"
command, anyway I have seen that this program, if I use the 5.0 libraries, after the crash it stops its activity.
I have putted a print in the while loop and it stops to print.
The strange thing is that with the 4.0 libraries I do not have any crash and the program runs without problem, while if I use the 5.0 libraries after some minutes
there is a crash.
I do not know how I can solve this problem.
Do you have some advices?
My target device use an iMx6 Dual Lite processor with 1 GB of Ram
Let me know and thank you very much for the support.

Best regards
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Re: Strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO

Postby nschultz » Tue May 23, 2017 3:54 pm

Hello Ealo,

Would you be able to follow up with our support channel? It seems like you have done a lot of work and there are multiple pieces involved in your application. There could be a multitude of different reasons for the crash and we will need to do some investigation to understand what exactly is going on. Regardless of the cause we would like to help identify the problem so we can help you find a solution. One of our staff in the support department will likely be able to more efficiently assist you via a direct correspondence.

Thank you

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Re: Strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO

Postby xw024 » Fri May 26, 2017 5:51 am

Hello Ealo

Ask Jamie, he has the runtime update to fix this issue on imx6 opengle2.0 engine.
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Re: Strange problem with StoryBoard 5.0 and SBIO

Postby Ealo » Fri May 26, 2017 8:08 am

Dear xw024,
thank you very much for the feedback.
What do you mean exactly?
Is there a new runtime update to fix issues on iMx6 opengle2.0 engine?
Let me know!

Best regards
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