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Cloneable controls

Postby lukeh » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:35 pm


Using Storyboard 5.0.

I have searched for an explanation for cloneable controls but cannot see the term mentioned anywhere.

I have a few questions about them that I was hoping someone could answer.

1. What are cloneable controls?
2. How do they affect each other?
3. How can we see which controls are cloneable (cloned)?
4. How are cloneable controls created?
5. How can a control be made not "cloned"?
6. When trying to name a control in a layer, sometimes if that control is used in another layer, the Application Model panel shows the message "Invalid Name: Cloneable controls must have a unique control name". Why is that? How can we get around it? I know controls within layers can have the same name as controls in other layers because my project has lots of those, but I don't know why sometimes I cannot create a control in a layer when another layer has a control with the same name.

Thank you,

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