Why won't sbengine load my plugin on Linux

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Why won't sbengine load my plugin on Linux

Postby rdowdall » Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:41 am

If you are noticing some weird behaviour with your sbengine application, like buttons that are supposed to launch Lua scripts aren't working, it could be because a plugin is failing to load. The first step is to make sure the plugin is loading. Run sbengine with -vvvv and capture the output. The start of the output should show which plugins are being loaded and which ones failed to load.

If in fact a plugin is failing to load, you could use the strace utility on Linux to determine why. Rerun the application like this:

strace -o trace.txt sbengine -vvvvv <your_other_options>

This will create a trace.txt file in your current directory. It will let you know what system events the plugin is trying to execute, if any of them are failing and why.
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