Complex visual content in tables

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Complex visual content in tables

Postby thomas » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:39 am


Frequently we encounter situations where someone would like to create a list of scrollable 'widgets' such as a list of buttons, checkboxes of pill-button-sliders.

A table is often used as the basis for providing the scrollable list functionality since it will manage the cells on its own. If you have a uniform set of visual elements that you want to display then this is a good choice. Table cells behave the same as controls in that they can have multiple render extensions associated with their presentation, so to provide a rich visual presentation then we bring together multiple render extensions and overlay them to create the final desired presentation.

This sample demonstrates how you can bind together two images to create a on/off type button and make it animated on on a cell by cell basis. In the sample we use two image render extensions for the button and the slider's trough and then a text render extension and a rectangle to provide an outline of the cell. A Lua function responds to the press action on the cell to dynamically create an animation that is cell specific.

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