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Storyboard Suite 4.0

Postby jamiev » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:49 pm

Crank Software is excited to announce the release Storyboard Suite 4.0. To download a 30 day eval please visit ....

**NOTE** - Once an older Storyboard project is imported into SB 4.0 it will not be able to be used in an older SB Designer. Make a copy of your project if you intend to keep using it in an older version of Storyboard.

Crank Storyboard Suite v4.0

The Storyboard Suite 4.0 release includes stability and performance enhancements. In addition, the following changes have been made to Storyboard Designer and Storyboard Embedded Engine.

Storyboard Designer

Eclipse 4.x Update

Storyboard Designer is now using the Eclipse 4.x framework.

Lua Editor Auto Complete

The Lua editor has been updated to include auto complete, code folding, jump to definition and tool tips.

Control Rotation

Control rotation now supports alpha.

Relax Naming Conventions

We removed the restriction in Storyboard Designer that blocks the name creation of elements to be unique within the entire model space to only requiring name uniqueness at a peer level.

Known Issues

Error When Updating or Installing Plugins

When Eclipse tries to update / install plugins it doesn't request an escalation in privileges which causes the update to fail with a strange error. Always run Storyboard Designer as administrator when doing an update or installing plugins.

Require Mac OS X 10.8 or greater

Storyboard Designer requires Mac OS X 10.8 or greater due to the requirement by the Java 8 runtime from Oracle.

Resource Cleanup tool

Images that are not referenced directly, but are pulled in at runtime based on a Lua script action, will not be identified as used by the Resource Cleanup wizard and may be removed accidentally.

Storyboard Embedded Engine

Asynchronous Lua scripts

The enablement for OS thread level locking has been added to the Storyboard Lua distribution and is based on a pthread mutex.

Lines and Polygons support Anti-aliasing

Lines and Polygons support Anti-aliasing when passing the multisample option to the OpenGL ES 2.0 Storyboard runtime. Use 4x multisampling for anti-aliasing.

Control Groups

Control Groups has been added to rid the situation of placing many render extensions in the same control. You now have the ability to group individual controls together.

Scrolling Layers

You now have the ability to scroll multiple controls on a layer with the same easy as table scrolling.

Circles and Arcs

Circles and arcs are now easier to create and manipulate in Storyboard.

QNX 6.6 Screen

Storyboard Embedded Engine has added support for QNX 6.6 screen.

Freetype Font Update

Our freetype font support has been updated to the latest version.

Green Hills Integrity

Storyboard now supports Green Hills Integrity Real-Time Operating System.

9-patch Image Support

9-patch support has been added to make scaling images on embedded applications easier.

Known Issues

Windows 8

Windows 8 will scale a Storyboard application to its resolution regardless of what the app was created to be displayed at. Setting the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" in the compatibility section for the Storyboard runtime will resolve the issue.

iOS 8.x

In order to export for iOS 8.x devices, users will need to have installed Xcode 6.1.1 and it's command line tools.

Getting Started

If this is your first time developing using Storyboard Designer there is a section in the documentation called Creating a Storyboard Designer Project to help you get started. Click on the Crank Documentation link on your desktop to locate the CrankStoryboardSuite.pdf. You can also view this document in Storyboard Designer under Help > Help Contents > Crank Storyboard Suite > Storyboard Designer > Creating a Storyboard Designer Project.

Samples Applications

There are many sample applications included in the Storyboard Suite installation to help you get up and developing quickly. They can be located in <installation directory>\Crank Software\Samples

Contact Information

For further information on Crank Storyboard Designer or any other Crank Software products please visit or email


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