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Storyboard Suite 4.2.1

Postby jamiev » Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:33 pm

Please visit to download the latest 4.2.1 version of Storyboard Suite.

Crank Storyboard Suite v4.2.1

Welcome to the release of Storyboard Suite 4.2.1

This release is a maintenance update to the 4.2 release focusing primarily on the runtime engine.

Storyboard Designer

Resize Dialog
The resize dialog has been re organized from a visual perspective to make it less cluttered.

Designer Scroll bars
Scroll bars have returned to the main editor.

Lua Debugger
Resolved an issue where the Lua Debugger would present errors when using the csv.lua script.

Designer Default Memory
Designer's default memory has been increased from 512M to 1G to help performance when working with large images and 3D models.

Known Issues

Require Mac OS X 10.8 or greater
Storyboard Designer requires Mac OS X 10.8 or greater due to the requirement by the Java 8 runtime from Oracle.

Resource Cleanup tool
Images that are not referenced directly, but are pulled in at runtime based on a Lua script action, will not be identified as used by the Resource Cleanup wizard and may be removed accidentally.

3D Model's Axis
3D model's axis no longer shows up when in the direct editing mode.

Storyboard Embedded Engine

A number of enhancements have been made to Storyboard Embedded Engine to increase overall performance. Circle controls were one of the areas that benefited from these changes as we saw an order of magnitude in performance on some target platforms.

Memory Management
Memory management was another focus in this release. Changes were made that resolved some potential memory leaks in areas such as Lua animations and cloned polygon controls.

General Bug Fixes
Many bug fixes are included with this release including Text wrapping, PNG decoding, Table resizing and accessing array values in Android just to name a few.

Known Issues

Texture Memory
"ERROR (1):ERROR: 505 : create_image_texture@2791" relates to running out of texture memory. Since the texture is purged when the image resource gets released you can use the resource manager "image" pool size option, i.e sbengine -oresource_mgr,image=4096 your_app.gapp, to get around this issue. This option enables you to manually set the image pool size. (By default sbengine will use all available memory) When the image pool size is reached, older images are released to create room for newer images.

3D Layer Rotation
3D layer rotation does not respect alpha. When a 3D layer, that has transparency, is rotated it gets rendered with a white fill.

9-Patch images currently can't be rotated.

Linux Wayland Runtimes
The Linux Wayland runtimes do not support keyboards.

Flickering Graphics
Using the Yocto Jethro linux kernel (3.14) with the boundary devices branch for the nitrogen6x you might encounter flickering graphics. If so, executing the following line resolves the issue ... echo 10 >/sys/devices/soc0/backlight_lvds0.17/backlight/backlight_lvds0.17/brightness

Getting Started
If this is your first time developing using Storyboard Designer there is a section in the documentation called Creating a Storyboard Designer Project to help you get started. Click on the Crank Documentation link on your desktop to locate the CrankStoryboardSuite.pdf. You can also view this document in Storyboard Designer under Help > Help Contents > Crank Storyboard Suite > Storyboard Designer > Creating a Storyboard Designer Project.

Samples Applications
There are many sample applications included in the Storyboard Suite installation to help you get up and developing quickly. They can be located in <installation directory>\Crank Software\Samples

Contact Information
For further information on Crank Storyboard Designer or any other Crank Software products please visit or email

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Re: Storyboard Suite 4.2.1

Postby Ray » Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:56 am

Performance wise, not feeling much difference yet. But the scroll bars are super! Thumbs up!
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